Introduction to KREST

KREST Energy brings sustainable energy solutions & technologies into the DPRK (North Korea). We focus on distributed power via small-hydro, solar energy, wind, tidal, biomass and the most modern gas utilization systems and technologies.

Mining and manufacturing industry depend on stable, reliable and sustainable electricity and energy supplies. KREST Energy’s range of solutions make energy supplies stretch farther & more cost-effectively and improve safety for a brighter future and a better world.

By facilitating profitable foreign investment into environmentally sustainable energy projects in the DPRK, KREST Energy enables our in-country partners to unleash untapped economic and resource potential, increasing the prosperity and quality of life of its citizens.

We leverage our experience and relationships in the DPRK to develop projects that can be properly structured to attract foreign direct investment and that will be well-managed, environmentally sustainable and make the best use of renewable energy technologies.